About me

I am the definition of the blonde bombshell, a real life Bond girl. Nails manicured, hair always shining and a body that smells of fresh florals. The perfect french kisser with lips plump and luscious; would you like to be the one that makes them smile?

This tall and statuesque dame will put you in awe as her smooth and hourglass figure finds its way under your fingertips. When I look at you in fondness with these flirtatious cat like eyes, playful secrets will be exchanged.

Excelling in the art of seduction, my devotion to exploring your sensuality in depth will capture you. I will cherish you lovingly and make you sore.

How would you like to meet a nordic goddess?


Age: early twenties

Height: 5'8

Measurements: 38-25-38 

Hair: blonde

Eyes: green/blue

Shoe size: 38/38.5